DCIIA | Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security
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Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security

DCIIA fosters a dialogue among the leaders of the defined contribution community who are passionate about improving defined contribution outcomes.  Members include investment managers, consultants, record keepers, insurance companies, plan sponsors and others committed to the best interests of plan participants. Please read more about the Benefits of DCIIA Membership .

Global Committee Spotlight

DC plans rapidly are becoming the primary employer-sponsored retirement savings vehicle around the globe. Multi-national plan sponsors, consultants, investment managers and other providers are working together to understand, design and deliver efficient plans for global workforces. On June 25th, DCIIA held its first Global DC Webcast to inform our membership about DC systems outside of the US and the opportunities available to plan sponsors and service providers alike when thinking globally about DC plans. This webcast covers UK, Australia and Canada.   

Our webcast was moderated by Kevin Vandolder, who introduced the Committee’s mandate and the challenges and opportunities in the market today. Stacy Schaus and Serge Boccassini then discussed the Committee’s Global DC Guiding Principles for plan sponsors while highlighting efforts thus far in developing plan sponsor case studies. The webcast then moved into a discussion with DC global experts - Janice Sengupta in Sydney, Joan Johannson in Toronto, and Will Allport in London, -- discussing their home countries’ DC environment. 

Please click here to view the webcast presentation and click the replay button below to listen to the webcast.

Save the date for our next Global Webcast: September 23rd at 10 AM ET.

Replay Global Webcast

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New Auto Features Blog Post
Paula Sanford, Ph.D., of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia is a local government finance specialist whose latest research explores how some states – Ohio, Virginia, Missouri - have successfully implemented automatic features within their supplemental defined contribution plans despite numerous challenges. Read Paula’s blog post and research.

Why Focus On Automatic Features – one of DCIIA’s core beliefs is that well-designed default programs can improve retirement outcomes: Automatic enrollment and automatic contribution escalation of participant contribution levels, when combined with default investment options that take advantage of institutional asset management techniques, help increase savings levels and promote better retirement outcomes. 

Our Research & Resources page includes white papers, presentations, case studies, info graphics, checklists, articles, research, testimony, and more all related to Automatic Features.