DCIIA | Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security
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Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security

DCIIA fosters a dialogue among the leaders of the defined contribution community who are passionate about improving defined contribution outcomes.  Members include investment managers, consultants, record keepers, insurance companies, plan sponsors and others committed to the best interests of plan participants. Please read more about the Benefits of DCIIA Membership .

Annual Membership Board Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
January 13 – January 14, 2015

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One DCIIA voting Board Member and one observer are invited to attend from each member firm.

2014 4th Annual Academic Forum
New York City
November 17 – November, 18, 2014

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We're pleased to announce the 2014 Innovator Awards Winners and Award of Excellence Winners

Award of Excellence Winners: The full story is now available on line:  Read More

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Latest Posts

Educate, Automate, or Legislate?  A View from the UK DC Market
A good DC outcome rests on several pillars: participation, contribution, investment, fees, and retirement income choice. The UK recently began to tackle these points: some by automation, some by legislation and some by education. So how is it going across the various pillars? Read more

Why Focus On Automatic Features – one of DCIIA’s core beliefs is that well-designed default programs can improve retirement outcomes: Automatic enrollment and automatic contribution escalation of participant contribution levels, when combined with default investment options that take advantage of institutional asset management techniques, help increase savings levels and promote better retirement outcomes. 

Our Research & Resources page includes white papers, presentations, case studies, info graphics, checklists, articles, research, testimony, and more all related to Automatic Features.