DCIIA | Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security
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Dedicated to Enhancing Retirement Security

DCIIA fosters a dialogue among the leaders of the defined contribution community who are passionate about improving defined contribution outcomes.  Members include investment managers, consultants, record keepers, insurance companies, plan sponsors and others committed to the best interests of plan participants. Please read more about the Benefits of DCIIA Membership .

Retirement Research Center News

Pursuing Informed and Actionable Retirement Research”  –

DCIIA 2016 Academic Forum – New York, NY
Save the Dates – November 29-30, 2016
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Welcome to our newest DCIIA RRB Members:
Robin Green, Ann Schleck, & Co.
Michael Kreps, Groom Law Group
Chris Nikolich, AB
Matthew O’Hara, BlackRock

DCIIA Research Brief Points to Retirement Plan Leakage as Undermining Retirement Savings
DCIIA recently released a research brief on plan leakage asserting that plan leakage from cash outs in defined contribution plans remains an issue that is undermining the goal of preserving assets for retirement savings, thus compromising the ability of current workers to create an adequate income in retirement.  Read the full press release and access the paper.

DCIIA Retirement Research Board (RRB)
We are pleased to share a list of current RRB projects as of 1Q 2016.











DCIIA Announces New Paper

Automatic Plan Features in Defined Contribution Plans: What's in it for Plan Sponsors?

This paper is intended help plan sponsors identify some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by the firm itself when incorporating automatic features in plan design. It also sets forth a simple road map for how one might implement such a program over a multi-year period.  Feel free to share this paper with your colleagues and clients.  The paper and related press release are available by clicking on the links below:

Automatic Plan Features in DC Plans: What's in it for Plan Sponsors?
Press Release 

Investment Forum Presentation Proposals Due August 5

Submit a proposal to present at the Investment Forum.

For more information about the Investment Forum, please visit our website, here

Save the Dates
DCIIA 2017 Investment Forum and Membership Board Meeting

January 25 - 26, 2017, Newport Beach, California